I’m still a geek on the inside, that’s the important thing ~Al Yankovic

I’m feeling particularly Geek-ish today. It’s Friday. I drank my rare iced coffee way too fast. The weekend is coming and I have a new Stephen King book to get lost in – just started the Dark Tower Series thanks to a friends recommendation. So, I’m flying my Geek flag.

On the front of my desk are two words “Nerd” “Geek”. My students comment on this often. Why am I a Geek or am I a Nerd? What about being a Dork. Well I own a shirt that says I’m all three and I have no problem wearing it. All around my room are quotes of encouragement. They run from Shakespeare to Audrey Hepburn to Robin Williams to Simon Pegg; who has one of my favorite comments about being a geek.

I am a Geek. I will talk to you about Star Wars, about any book, about Game of Thrones, about Sherlock, about Dr. Who (Hello, I have students who I have wicked conversations about this after an episode airs) , about DareDevil and Jessica Jones and anything Marvel – latest Geek-out is DeadPool.

What I want my students to know is being a Geek or a Nerd or whatever doesn’t make them different, it makes them Fantastical. You don’t have to be into sports, not everyone is. That’s fine. You can love computers and coding. You can love science and learning how things are made and how the universe works. You can love reading and getting lost in adventures. Some kids don’t have lives that let them have adventures and they need an escape. I had a student who said he felt weird because he was obsessed with making an app. I told him there was nothing wrong with that. It’s how your mind works. Go make that app …. and remember me when you’re famous!

Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts. ~Steve Prefontaine

I just saw this quote and I love it. Not sure exactly why. Maybe it’s because me running a Tough Mudder shows that I have guts. Or I’m insane. Or that my trainer is insane. Maybe we both are. I have no idea. But I started journaling again because I had the old wives tale of “Can you teach an old dog new tricks.” I’m going to copy my facebook post here just for posterity.


If you know me at all, then you know I’m a writer at heart. Today I started old school journaling again..that means pen and paper. I started writing about “Can you teach an old dog new tricks” and came across an interesting article. I wanted to share what I wrote today – only part of what I want the public to see – about me and learning to run.
In 1523 a man named Fitzhebert wrote the saying I used for my entry today. What it boils down to is can a person (or animal) that is older be taught something new. The saying has the assumption that no, you can not. But in truth, with the right motivation, yes a person (or animal) can be taught something new. The key word is motivation. If a person wants to learn something new and as long as nothing stands in their way, they can be taught. It takes a patient teacher to show them how to do what they need to do on their own. The teacher needs to be encouraging and not get frustrated with the person. Make them practice until they get the hang of it.
What does this have to do with me. In a word running. I, unfortunately, have a HUGE block when it comes to running. Thanks to a very long person to person talk with Koala who is my tiny tyrant running person and a great texting session with Soul Sister who understands my head space. I can look at what I wrote and what my block is and hope that Koala and  (the evil trainer) have patience with me and know that it’s fine to yell at me when that headspace comes up when it comes to running. The image is hard to shake. But when I can own up to it, maybe …. yeah, no maybes….I can kick the headspace image in the proverbial ass because this old dog is ready for a new trick.

Since this post, evil trainer had me work with a trainer who is an actual runner and running trainer got me out of my headspace a bit. I don’t run like some crazy nut job. I don’t look like a 300 lb gorilla in heels running – okay, that may not be the actual picture in my head…I never imagined myself as a gorilla. My block was mental. I don’t mean crazy. Okay, well I do mean crazy, but it was all in my head. After getting what has fondly been called “the ambush” of last Wednesday, I went to the gym the next day. I got on the treadmill and ran for one minute and kept going. Soon 1 became 2, became 3 and then 5 showed up. I did that twice that day and twice on the next day. I asked evil trainer to give me a goal. After working with me for close to a year, he knows I need to have a mark to strive for. This week it was finding the base for a one mile run. So that run happened as I mentioned in the previous post.  And I hope to make it down to 15 by Friday/Saturday. I don’t know much about running and what is a good time and what not. But I’m hoping I can finish out April with 15 minutes and see each week what I can bring it down to and then add on another mile. Big goals, yeah I know. But I need something to strive for to keep going.

**And for posterity sake, evil trainer isn’t really evil. I’d rather use evil trainer than his name since I don’t have permission to use his name. So when I use knick names like evil trainer, or running trainer or Koala or Puppy or what not. They are real people who I would never ever ever make fun of.**



Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.

~Sigmund Freud~

Hell of a quote to start this off with. But being entirely honest with myself is one of the reasons I started to journal again. My private hand written journal is for me only … and the sad unfortunate person who will find it long after I’m gone. This is however is for me to share and not drive anyone who follows me on Facebook and Twitter crazy. You can choose to come here or not.

So in keeping with today’s quote – being honest and exercise; that’s where I’ll start. And by start I mean running. My body, in particular, my hip, does not like me at all today. It tells me how much it hates me every time I stand up and take my first step. I guess running a mile on Saturday and one yesterday trying to get the time down to 15 minutes did my hip muscles in. I mean, I’ve never done it before, so my body probably has no clue what is going on. I will say this, I may never run a marathon, but I can see the attraction to doing this. I still have some serious mind blocks up there in my scary head space, but I’ve started to get them to come down some.