I’m still a geek on the inside, that’s the important thing ~Al Yankovic

I’m feeling particularly Geek-ish today. It’s Friday. I drank my rare iced coffee way too fast. The weekend is coming and I have a new Stephen King book to get lost in – just started the Dark Tower Series thanks to a friends recommendation. So, I’m flying my Geek flag.

On the front of my desk are two words “Nerd” “Geek”. My students comment on this often. Why am I a Geek or am I a Nerd? What about being a Dork. Well I own a shirt that says I’m all three and I have no problem wearing it. All around my room are quotes of encouragement. They run from Shakespeare to Audrey Hepburn to Robin Williams to Simon Pegg; who has one of my favorite comments about being a geek.

I am a Geek. I will talk to you about Star Wars, about any book, about Game of Thrones, about Sherlock, about Dr. Who (Hello, I have students who I have wicked conversations about this after an episode airs) , about DareDevil and Jessica Jones and anything Marvel – latest Geek-out is DeadPool.

What I want my students to know is being a Geek or a Nerd or whatever doesn’t make them different, it makes them Fantastical. You don’t have to be into sports, not everyone is. That’s fine. You can love computers and coding. You can love science and learning how things are made and how the universe works. You can love reading and getting lost in adventures. Some kids don’t have lives that let them have adventures and they need an escape. I had a student who said he felt weird because he was obsessed with making an app. I told him there was nothing wrong with that. It’s how your mind works. Go make that app …. and remember me when you’re famous!

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