I’m an Overthinker

I hate that I am. I make the biggest deal out of the simplest of things. I take things personally when they aren’t at all. I create problems within my own head. I criticize myself ALOT. I get all worked up over nothing. I expect the worst. The oddest of things will hurt me and then they get stuck in y head where they will play over and over on an endless loop. This only makes things worse than they really are, that is if they were, to begin with.

I hate that I am like this. That I never feel 100% certain about … well about almost everything. I feel like my brain never turns off. Forget about falling right to sleep, That loop begins to play louder and louder.  I wish I could stop overthinking things.  I wish sometimes I could not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess and turn it all off and have faith that things will all work out right.

Most of the things I worry about never happen. They are the result of the domino effect in my head from overthinking added to the doubts and negativity. I’ve learned that overthinking is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but in the end it doesn’t get you anywhere.

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