Just When I Thought I was out…..


I am SO not a fan of the Godfather movies, but boy, does this line sum up things at this second.

I wrote a post a few days ago about taking myself off of social media. It turns out I was much more attached to it than I thought I was. Facebook alone holds the log in for so many of my other sites that aren’t social media. I managed to track a lot of them down, but ones like Spotify (which I use in my classroom) gave me grief about getting a new log in. I would use my iTunes, but the powers that be are playing (or rather) reeking havoc with our servers now and making a lot of things I’d normally do in class very difficult.

But back to my social media black out. I was really trying to be amazing and show that I can live without it all. But the truth be told, I was trying to disappear. I wanted to see if I could become invisible and just make all the things that would go from my head go away by taking that component out. **I need to add a DISCLAIMER here….I do not mean disappear in a physical suicidal way…I mean just not be a bother to people in any way shape or form….** What I discovered is that in the world we live in, social media plays such a part of communication that I have no choice but to hold on to some¬†vestiges of it. I am the one who needs to make the changes, not social media. I need to learn how to control how I see and think and how I react.


The picture above is what prompted today’s post…that and Al Pacino’s voice in my head saying that line. I can’t control who likes or dislikes or notices what I post on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. I need to control how I respond to it. Do I really care of “Sally” never likes any of my pics on Instagram? What about if I always comment or like what “Dick” posts, but he never comments on mine. Does that make me a bad writer or boring? No. It means that people like “Jane” who will comment and send me messages on the side or tell me they are proud of me and like what I say or do are the ones I need to focus on. My power is in how I react and what I do with my reaction.

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