Costume Dash Boston

Here I come….24 hours from now I will be dressed in a costume to run my first 5K. I’ve done a Spartan Sprint (at Fenway), I’ve done a Tough Mudder (full in NH) and this race makes me more nervous. In both previous races, there have been obstacles. There are none here. When I ran the Spartan, I struggled terribly with my running. Since last March I’ve had a running trainer – remember Fritz* – and I run with him every other week. He’s got me up to 2.3 miles with a short walk in the middle. We ran this past Wednesday night and it was a shorter run because I’ve been struggling with hip pain.

My biggest fear is being the last one in the race to cross. Fritz gave me advice to start out the first mile with an easy pace and when I get to the water stops, to walk those out til the water is done and then pick up the pace again. I’m going to bring my headphones, I don’t know if that is rude or not, but if I truly am alone I can loose myself in my music.

Fritz told me it’s not about the time, it’s about finishing. (Something like that, I kind of deleted the text – sorry Fritz) I know I can do this. My legs are plenty strong. I’m not a fast runner – my speed makes them look good. I really am more nervous about this.

So if you happen to see a very slow moving/running gumball machine tomorrow – it may be me.

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