Where My Journey Began….

Robert Frost began a poem “Two roads diverged in a wood”. I stood at that road today. Well my diverged roads were at the gym. I finished a less then stellar work out and was standing at the door to the ladies locker room. If I went straight ahead, I’d be leaving. If I turned right, I’d be going over to the trainer. Well I took 2 steps ahead and then turned right.
I have my first session with the trainer on Wednesday. I explained that I had joined the gym after last years Cupid Run and I felt so out of shape. Now I’ve had some success in body change and weight loss, but not enough and the Cupid’s Undie Run is upon me again.
I explained I had 3 goal points. 1 – Cupid Run. 2. Family “reunion” in July with the Malloy side and 3. Turning 50 in 14 months.
Trainer sat me down and went over everything and said that by the time the Cupid Run was over, if I was going out to eat with my husband and still dressed from the race, my husband better hold on to my hand tight.
So, wish me luck. I am totally terrified of embarrassing myself with a trainer, but this was the road I chose.


This was two years and 6 days ago that I began this journey in earnest.  I’m with a different trainer (with “Nigel” for close to 16 months now), at a different club (old one closed and I joined Boston Sports Club) and since I’ve started my journey, I’ve run the Spartan Sprint at Fenway (next one in a week), done the Tough Mudder (next one in August 2017) and run my first 5K (next one Thanksgiving Weekend). I’ve lost 70 pounds, gained a lot of muscle and flexibility and surprisingly a lot of confidence.

Has it been easy. Oh Fuck no! I will say that my love of going to the gym has become so much a part of my day that I know I’m not feeling good if I choose to not go. Sometimes I’ve had to drag myself there and some of my workouts are less than stellar, but I put the effort in. Even as I write this, I’ve got a tab open to Pinterest to see if I can find some new food options. “Nigel” pushes me harder and  harder, our weekly training sessions as “Ass Kickings” because I actually ask him to push me hard. And he does. He’ll even tell me  he’s not going to go easy on me. I decided yesterday that I want to push myself harder. I mean my workouts are tough, but sometimes I feel like I short change myself. So I made myself a promise I’d step it all up and work harder. I have 25 pounds to go to reach what I want to be my goal. It won’t be easy because we are working to make me stronger and muscle is denser than fat. I know what I want to work on and I am going to do that.

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