Election 2016

I’m not one to get into political discussions. I always believed that who you voted for was no ones business. My students know I voted early and have been asking me who I chose. I told them I would reveal on Wednesday – win or loose.

The discussion was with a group of 5th graders and it turned out to be a great teaching moment on cyber-bullying and the power of social media. I have never seen both done and used so effectively and destructively as it has been with this election. I truly feel bad for young people – like my son – voting for the first time. This isn’t a true election. It’s…..it’s what you don’t want to see in a contest for the person in charge of our country.

In one corner –  yeah, I’m gonna go with a boxing metaphor – you have Donald Trump. By no shakes of the imagination is this man fit to run our country. I have not seen one thing that would give me hope that he could make America great again. In the other corner you have Hillary Clinton. I’m not saying she’s unfit to run the country, but is she the right choice? Yes she has more background and knowledge of our country. But will she be an effective leader? Is this more than being the first female President for her? I honestly don’t know.

Elections in the past have had two – okay I have to say it – men who are formidable in their own right. Obama vs McCain for instance. Now that was a good match up for someone who had to see how the voting system ran. Take out the Palin factor and it would have been a less entertaining race, but still much different than what we have going on now. I did vote for President Obama because for the first time there was someone in my age bracket and who had children the same age as mine. And the topping on that vote for me was his wife. Now if Michelle Obama ran for office, I’d be out there stomping and totally involved.

This post may be a little rambling and not threaded well to keep it making sense. I guess I’m saying that I am truly worried about waking up Wednesday morning and seeing who we the people voted into office. So please, if you are worried too and you have that little knot in your stomach, then go out and vote!


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