She Walks In Grace

She Walks in Grace

by Janey Scaturro

She walks in grace

everywhere she goes

With an illumination

that softly glows

She has beauty and poise

that continually flows

And keeps many secrets

that only she knows

The depth of her memories

runs long and deep

Some bring her great joy

others make her weep

They take her on journeys

when she’s fast asleep

And fill her with emotions

she’s decided to keep

She usually wins

but sometimes she loses

She only lets it affect her

the way that she chooses

Because some lessons were learned

with painful bruises

But she’ll never break down

she always refuses

There’s something about her

that’s one of kind

She sees everything clearly

when most eyes are blind

When you’re desperate for help

she’s the answer you find

And just being around her

brings you peace of mind

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