4 Counter Productive Healthy Habits

I was reading an article on Huffington Post called 4 Counter-Productive Healthy Habits That are Preventing You From Long Term Weight Loss. After last nights fiasco (in my opinion only) of a training session with Nigel, I wanted to share this.

The first counter productive health habit is that you have an all or none mentality. Calorie counting can become obsessive when you count every little thing that you eat. Weight Watchers says if it goes in your mouth you count it. When I’m focusing on the calories that I am eating to push my weight loss, I do count everything. But I do know when people focus on the calories and not what they are eating. Sure you can calorize pizza but for the same amount of calories you can find several other things to even that out.

The second counter productive health habit is doing activities you hate. I completely understand that. I’ve had people tell me they could never do what I do because they hate weights or strength training or running. I happen to have grown to love what I do to keep healthy. If I miss it for any reason, I truly miss it. I hate running, but I’m learning to like it. I hate burpees (or up/downs if you go by the Gronk Zone name) and will find any reason to skip doing them. Same for box jumps (part of my fiasco last night….will explain later) and I know that by doing them I am strengthening my body and working to make myself better.

The third counter productive health habit is that your self-worth about your body hinges on external opinions. ***ding ding ding***** working through that with a shovel now. While our mind does like to play games with us and make us feel less that what we are worth, as I wrote in an older post, social media added into this makes someone like me feel like a total fuckwit. Never mind just things like hoping people like my comments about my progress; you have to add in those dumb ass ads pushing pills and strange drinks to make you loose weight quickly. Sure, you drink water and lemon and tar or whatever and you will loose weight quickly, but you’ll put it and more back on. I’ve been there and done that. You have to know what is good for you and what works for you. And that goes for validation on social media too. You are the only you.  “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” As Dr. Seuss said.  Your road to loosing weight is different than anyone else. You may be on the same road, but you a different cars and you will arrive at your destination in diffferent ways. Just because you’re driving a Saturn and they’re in a Mercedes makes no difference. The journey is all in what you put into it.

The fourth and final counter productive health habit is avoiding all of your favorite foods and activities. I know the rule is everything is okay as long as it is in moderation. For me the only forbidden food is ice cream. I do miss my boyfriends Ben and Jerry. But when people say I could have frozen yogurt (which I’ve heard isn’t good for you) I say, would you give an alcoholic a shot? To me, having some frozen yogurt is the same thing. But that is just me. Food provides an immense pleasure. I don’t deny it. I just learn to like new things and I’ve tried things I didn’t think I’d like and I’ve tried things I do like. It’s all in how you look at it.

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