Fate is like an unpopular restaurant filled with ….

…..with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like.” ~Lemony Snicket


That word has been flashing in my head for the past week.  Not that I’m a big believer in fate and karma and religion. I don’t believe there is a God, a single entity that is up on a throne of clouds and is judging us and deciding  what will happen to us. I often kid that recently karma has made me her bitch big time. Things have been coming back to bite me in the ass all over the place. But fate, well that word has been like a neon sign flashing on a dingy street in my mind lately.

Fate. Is it the road we should have taken. Is it the Hello to a stranger we should have made when walking by. Is fate realizing a mistake and trying to change it, but not knowing how. Does fate bring people and places and experiences into our lives for a good reason or a bad reason?

Fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. It is something destined to happen, turn out to be, or meant to be. But can we consciously change the route fate points us on?

I’m not siting personal things that has me on this fate trip right now. It’s more of a topic in what I’m writing. The path that the protagonist takes, is it fate or can he change the track he’s taking? And since I’m a massive Over-Thinker (I believe my card to the group is coming in the mail) it made me think of some of my choices in life that have turned out for the better and for the worse. That brought me to the statement people make of “If I only knew then what I know now.” If I could go back to that 20 something person I was and make changes and avoid the bad choices in life, would I have?  How would it have changed who I am now? Would I have been a stronger person? Would I have been more outgoing, have a more positive outlook on life? Would I still have the stories to tell and encourage others to not make the same mistakes and put themselves first?


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