In life, you’ll realize that there is a purpose….

for everybody that you meet. Some are there to test you. Some will use you. Some will teach you and some will bring out the best in you.


I found that quote on Tumblr (Seriously the best place – and the worst place to find quotes). The people you meet and let into your life test you no matter what. Sometimes it’s a pop quiz. Sometimes it’s something you don’t realize you’ve been studying for and then there is a test to see if you and this person are true friends. Sometimes the test you will pass and move on to the next test. Sometimes you fail. Sometimes they fail you. But who ends up losing in that scenario?  Some people will use you, mostly if you let them. If you see that it is happening and you let them use you, then shame on you. No one is worth that kind of relationship. Those are the people who should teach you. Teach you who to be, what to want in a friendship or relationship. Those are the people who teach you what you are made of. What kind of person you are. Do you test people? Do you use people? Do you teach them something? Do YOU bring out the best in them?

I’ve been looking a lot at the people I’ve met in my life (recently met – it would take longer to go through my past) because of my therapy sessions. It wasn’t a choice or homework, it just happened organically. Who are the people sent to test me? Who are the people that have used me? Who have taught me lessons? Have any of them brought out the best in me?

God knows I’ve been a test to people in my life. I’ve failed some of those tests by my own accord. Have I used people? I’d like to think I’m not capable of that. I’ve never liked when it was done to me, so I try my best to not do it to people. Have I taught anyone lessons? The negative Nelly in me will say that I’ve taught lessons on how not to be. What to not want in a friendship/relationship. I would also like to believe that I’ve brought out the best in people too.

By nature, I am a nurturer. I remember a job from many many years ago when people would come to my cubicle (pre-teaching days) and see if I had a bandaid or elastic for hair. My co-workers liked to tease me that I was like a mom. If you needed something, I had it. Looking back now, I think it was a form of people pleasing. But in my heart, I do care about people. I try to be nice and always say hi and be considerate of people’s needs and wants. Sometimes I need to reel the urge to be a people pleaser in and focus on what I need and want.


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