I’ve Always Wanted A Superpower

I just never knew what it would be.

Some people want “power mimicry”. That’s when you can absorb another person’s power or skill. You can swim like an Olympian. Direct like an Oscar winner. Sing like an opera star or Grammy winner. Write books that launch fandoms.

Invisibility is another superpower people want. To be able to spy on others and not be seen. Can you imagine how many people would show up at the White House right now to see what truly goes on behind closed doors?

Being as powerful and strong with superhuman strength like Thor, Superman and the Hulk is appealing to a few people out there.

The ability to heal not only yourself but others too is an honorable choice, but what happens when you have healed everyone? Does your superpower fade away? Does the world get overcrowded and the natural order of things become undone? Are you ever left with a  moment of rest? Do you get to decide who you heal and who you don’t . If you have a moment to choose and make the wrong choice? What then?

If you had super human endurance, then things could be easy sure, but then if everything was easy, how would we learn? How would we improve? Would it all get too easy and boring for us?

Breathing underwater? Nah, I never wanted to be Aquaman or a fish. I’ll pass on that one.

Being invulnerable give us immunity in forms of physical, mental or spiritual damage. I couldn’t get a broken heart and I could be read of this fucking depression. But don’t we need vulnerable moments in life?

TIME TRAVEL! YES, BRING ME THE TARDIS. The only way I’d want to time travel is with the Doctor (anyone from 9 on). I don’t want to change anything in my life. Any of the bad moments included. I’d want to be a bystander and observe things that happened in history. What were the Egyptians really like? What happened in castles? I mean they all can’t have been like the damned bodice rippers out there. If I hear the TARDIS landing in my yard, I’m going.

Night vision? Nah, I’ll pass on that too. Having been blind as a bat my entire life, I’m pretty good at navigating in the dark. Only foe I have are Legos.

I personally like reading people’s faces and gestures, so I’ll pass on telepathy. I mean honestly, if anyone had the ability to read my mind, I’d be in a padded room with a lovely wrap around jacket.

Omnilinguism is something I’d like not only as a teacher, but just in life in general. I could understand anyone no matter what language they spoke and no matter where I travelled in the world.

Would I want to control the weather? Sometimes I would. I wouldn’t mind helping out areas needing water or stopping when it rains or snows too much. But that is nature and these things happen for a reason.

Precognition is the ability to predict the future. To a point, sometimes I feel like I have this. Mostly, I’m good at reading people and my gut instincts are generally (like 86%) right. I never see things exactly as they happen, but I’m not blind and I’m pretty good at seeing where things are going.

Call me Dr. Doolittle, but I would like to be able to talk to animals. If I could just figure out what my dog is barking at me for at 5 a.m. when she’s been fed, been out and just barks. Life would be so much easier. And maybe me and everyone else in my house would get more sleep.

Immortality? No. I may be able to create the most AMAZING bucket list, but I don’t want to watch the people I love die before me.

Superhuman intelligence? Aren’t most of the people who we consider great thinkers the ones who had the saddest lives?











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