Ways to Explain Depression Using Analogies

I saw this article and wanted to share some of the ones that “spoke” to me.

  • It’s like you have weights built into your arms and legs. They’re heavy and make any basic activity feel like I’m dragging around dumbbells that are too heavy for me.
  • It’s like you’re screaming in pain but there’s no sound coming out of you.
  • It feels like I’m in black and white and the rest of the world is in color. I can’t be part of it, however much I might want to be. I don’t belong.
  • It’s like the waves of the ocean; sometimes the waves recede and you see the beautiful sand with the pretty seashells. Soon, the tide will come and swallow all of that beauty up and drag it away from you.
  • It feels like being in the middle of a large body of water without seeing shores. Something tugs at your leg and you struggle to keep your head above the surface. You gasp and struggle but it’s exhausting and tiring and frightening at the same time. Sometimes you truly doubt if you’ll ever make it out of there if the thing tugging on your leg will ever let go.
  • It’s like all the joy was sucked from my body, in my chest is nothing, only emptiness, and I’m bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders. Everything that I loved makes no sense anymore. The only thing I want to do is to crawl into the darkest corner of my room, curl up and cry even though I know crying won’t help. It’s just feeling nothing at all.

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